I'm Thomas Wilburn,
and this is my web site.

I'm a data journalist for the Seattle Times, where I create cutting-edge news apps and tools on the Interactives team. I'm also the Director of Interactive Media for Urban Artistry.

I've been a guest lecturer at The University of Washington, worked at ArenaNet (makers of Guild Wars 2) and Big Fish Games, ran the Multimedia Team at Congressional Quarterly, and produced educational audio and video for the World Bank Institute.

In my spare time, I'm a bassist, a b-boy, and a blogger. I like sandwiches, dogs, and lists with three items in them.

You can see samples of my work, sorted into
software development,
data visualization, and
or check out some of my current projects at my GitHub repository.

Send questions, comments, and badly-spelled junk mail to: . My GPG key is available here.

Data Visualization

Software Development